Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jordan Jacobson

Meets with faculty advisor on agenda of meetings, posts agenda to the blog, delegates to other officers and facilitates group functions, serves as representative of group to local chapter, the school and students, provides programming ideas, including AIGA KC sponsored event. Should keep aware of what is going on in community that would be relevant for student designers, and provide them with information. Leads the meetings. President attends monthly AIGA KC meetings (first tuesday of every month). Tweets everything. Makes sure someone is making a poster for every event, meeting, activity.

Communication Directors
Sarah Rew and Caitlin Workman

Works with faculty advisor, president and other prototype officers but leads all communications. 
Communication is cornerstone of a successful student group.
1) Keeps the student members reminded of ongoing progress and upcoming events include 
    local AIGA chapter, other KC events (freelance exchange, nelson/young artists, AdClub events....)
2)  Send emails out to the members before meeting and events.
3) Updates blog (events, competitions,...
4) Regularly tweets about events, competitions, tutorials
5) prepare calendar to be handed out at meetings

Programming Directors
Brian Rio and Morgan Stephens

Works with faculty advisor, president and other prototype officers but leads the organization of professional development events, studio tours, guest speakers, workshops, corresponds with professionals/companies/agencies, works out the details and passes them onto the other officers and the directors of communications so they can post on the blog and tweet.
1) create an event that AIGA KC will sponsor
2) contacts professionals/firms for fall studio tours
3) contacts professionals/firms for spring studio tours
4) coordinates speakers/workshops for Prototype monthly meetings
5) any other workshops (calligraphy, software, bookmaking, letterpress....) at least one a year (could be more)

Social Event Planner
Chris Klee
Sub-set of programing focusing on the SOCAIL
1)  Organizes social events (party, potluck, happy hour), helps keep track of upcoming AD club, 
    AIGA KC and Freelance Exchange social events.
2) blog, tweet, posters...

Outside Local Programing
Megan Collins
Sub-set of programing focusing on leaving the area / visiting another city
1) works with faculty on organizing a trip to another city
2) finds funding opportunities to help offset costs, works with sponsorship... (AIGA KC, student differential...)

Membership Officer
Jessica Marak

1) creates and prepares attendance sheet for every meeting
2) assists faculty in the AIGA membership drive: creates poster, handouts
2) organizes class visits and visits classes (along with other board members)
3) keeps record of who is a member and when memberships expire
4) works on not only AIGA membership but also AD club memberships

Director of Mentorship and Portfolio Reviews
Josey Kruse and Katie Curtis

help faculty advisor with mentorship program and portfolio reviews
1) monthly check in with mentors and mentees.
2) with programing to create 1 - 2 events per year: event could be a meet and greet at a bar/restaurant, pot-luck....
3) works with officers and faculty advisor on creating KU portfolio review

Alexandra Avila and Laura Cook

1) Keeps agenda records, takes notes at meetings and posts them on the ProtoType blog.
2) Records documentation/summaries (words and images) of events and activities (studio tours, meetings, events... including AIGA KC event summaries)
3) Creates and prepares any handouts for the meetings (agenda, sign up sheets for studio tours, attendance)

Director of Competitions
Alyssa Johnson

Use your board and faculty to help you get started and keep on track
1) keeps track of upcoming competitions (HOW, AIGA, AD Club, Creative Quarterly, Brass Ring, Dallas....)
2) posts them to the blog
2) tweet about it
3) email members
3) post posters (sometimes make them)
4) helps faculty advisor get entries ready to send

Director of Sponsorship and Funding
Lindsey Nichols

works with faculty and with entire ProtoType board members on ways to make money
1) contacts and signs SUA contract for yearly stipend ($200 at kinkos for printing...)
2) write a proposal, present to AIGA KC up to $150 dollars for speaker, event, workshop, trip
3) contact Chair on student differential spending
4) other ways to make money: t-shirts, letterpress cards and sell, ....
*minute men press ask for off cuts

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